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Didn’t Suck: President Reagan

Posted by PJC on June 29, 2012

By: PJC.

The Reagan years. The 80’s (most of them at least). Staying in recent news in 2012 for a minute, the GOP has backed their horse and so we enter another presidential campaign season filled with countless, useless rhetoric leading up a November when Americans head to the voting booth to elect the person they hate the least for President. So, why not write an article about one of the primary reasons why the 80’s were so fantastic, economically?

Not to mention the last time Americans of all political persuasions actually backed a single candidate (Fun fact: in 1984, Reagan won every single state except for Minnesota, the home state of his opponent).

Reagan Official Portriat

President Reagan – always well dressed for God and Country.

Listen up, America.

The purpose of this blog is not to get political. In my writing, I’m advocating for neither donkeys nor elephants here. But let’s face it, George W. and Barack H. have been absolutely atrocious leaders of this country. The last decade, give or take, has given us high inflation, a horrendous deficit, lack of control over government spending and lack of respect from the rest of the world.

President Reagan, however, presided over an era which gave us the following highlights among countless achievements:

Car Phones:

Car Phone

1980’s Car Phones. Always convenient, always handy. Always just $5.99 / minute.

Magnum, PI:

The pinnacle of television programming, as far as I’m concerned.

Bull Markets:

Bull on Wall Street

Yes, there is a ginormous bronze bull statue near Wall Street in NYC. Yes, businessmen often rub their briefcases on the bull for good luck. Yes, it has anatomically correct balls. No, I don’t think they rub their briefcases on the balls.

Responsible Spending in Government:

Reagan Taxes

Reagan addressing the nation on his tax plan in the early 80’s during which time he reduced taxes for both the highest and lowest income brackets in the country. Brilliant.

But wait, there’s more. This guy was just all-around kick-ass. Not only was he an accomplished actor, he was a captain in the U.S. Army during the war then went on to become Governor of California, one of the most liberal (and awesome) states in the Union. In 1981, he survived being shot by lunatic John Hinckley (who also shot a secret service agent, a cop and Reagan’s press secretary in the same attempt). As mentioned above, on his presidential re-election bid in 1984, he won every state except Minnesota, the home state of his opponent Walter Mondale.

Reagan: Kicking serious electoral ass nation-wide.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a universally liked candidate in 2012? I leave you with an absolutely hilarious depiction of Reagan from Family Guy:

“Mr. Gobachev: Tear down this wall! TEAR IT DOWN!”


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