A blog dedicated to things that sucked (and didn't suck) about the 1980's

  • Welcome to thefabulous80's - A blog dedicated to the things that sucked and didn't suck about the 1980's.

    I'm Peter, the primary editor of this blog. The point of this blog is to post light-hearted articles about the high and low points of the 1980's from multiple authors.

    Hopefully this blog doesn't suck.

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About TheFabulous80s


Thank you for visiting “TheFabulous80s!” As the title suggests, this is a blog dedicated to the high and low points of the 1980’s. Seems to me like everything from this decade was on one side of the extreme or the other of the suck / doesn’t suck scale.

This blog seeks to explore some of these things and is posted purely for your enjoyment. It will include articles written by me as well as some of our regular contributors.

Some basic facts:

Editor-in-chief: Peter J.

Blog’s Home City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Date Launched: March 5, 2011


The Editor (right), Some Good Friends and His 1984 Cadillac Coupe DeVille


  • (This list will grow with time)

Feel free to e-mail me with ideas for article topics! As the blog hopefully expands, with it I hope to grow my knowledge of how to format this thing into a cool looking blog and not the bland template that WordPress has provided. Ideas and/or free training sessions for the author are welcomed.

Long live the 1980’s.


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